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For individuals. For charities. For organisations.

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What you can do with Fundwith.me

Start a fundraiser

Share with friends & family

Collect donations easily

Fundraisers tell great stories!

Fair & transparent fees

+ Credit card fees

For individuals

The guided setup makes it easy to create a page that tells a story and encourages others to contribute to your cause.

For organisations

Set a goal and exceed it!
When the campaign is rolling you have full control over your donations in the dashboard.

Transactional costs

All donations need to go to where they belong: creating impact! So we're making transactional costs the lowest possible. Continually.

Perfect for
Birthday Fundraisers

Make your story stand out! The guided setup of a fundraiser focussed not only on user friendliness, it also helps you to fine-tune campaigns for certain occasions such as Christmas, birthdays or weddings. Don’t hesitate to contact our team if you would like some more help.

Why Fundwith.me?

  • Free to use — and always will be.
  • Keep all donations.
  • Lowest transactional fees in the industry.
  • No goal required. No deadline required.
  • Fundraiser can be public or private.
  • Free support. Anytime.

Talk to an expert!

Need some advice on starting a fundraiser? We're here to help:

Fundwith.me is made by a team of designers and developers in Stockholm. We saw the need for an independent tool in the world of fundraising that puts people first. Let us know what you think: support@fundwith.me