Hello friendly fundraising!
Goodbye high monthly costs...

Fundwith.me lets you do Peer-to-Peer fundraising the right way — where the money goes straight to the charity's mission, and not to internet software companies. Simply create a fundraiser, invite your friends to contribute and raise money for your cause!

Fundraisers tell great stories!

Recent examples of fundraisers making a difference in the world

Everything you would expect

All-inclusive Peer-to-Peer fundraising

Free to use & always will be
We don't charge monthly or yearly fees.
Lowest card fees
We offer the lowest possible transactional costs.
It’s a Social thing
Works with Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Messenger & SMS
Track your donations
See where your donations come from in real-time.
Private or Public fundraisers
Fundraisers can be private or public. You choose.
Free support
We're here to help — you can call us anytime!

It doesn't get much better than this...

No monthly subscription costs
Charities & individuals do not pay monthly costs for using Fundwith.me
We don't sell your data
Unlike Facebook, we don't share your data with other companies, like for ads.
100kr donation - paid with card
1,8kr + 1,4%
To your charity
Credit card fees
100kr donation - paid with Swish
To your charity

We're here to make a difference

How does Fundwith.me compare with the competition?

High monthly fees
High charges per donation
Outdated UI/UX
Many donation options

Closed network
High content competition
Unclear privacy rules

Full privacy for users
No monthly fees
Low charges per donation
Easier communication
Powerful vision stories

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Getting started is easy

Fundwith.me is made by a team of designers and developers in Stockholm. We saw the need for an independent tool in the world of fundraising that puts people first. Let us know what you think: support@fundwith.me