A simple and friendly
fundraising service

For individuals and organisations

You can create fundraisers on behalf of charities and organisations and share them on your favourite channels. Organisations can use the embedded widget to feature these fundraising stories on their on publications. Or simply raise funds in the name of the charity by creating a story under the company account.

Fair & transparent fees

+ Credit card fees

For individuals

The guided setup makes it easy to create a page that tells a story and encourages others to contribute to your cause.

For organisations

Set a goal and exceed it!
When the campaign is rolling you have full control over your donations in the dashboard.

Transactional costs

All donations need to go to where they belong: creating impact! So we're making transactional costs the lowest possible. Continually.

Fundraisers are great stories!

Perfect for
Birthday Fundraisers

Make your story stand out! The guided setup of a fundraiser focussed not only on user friendliness, it also helps you to fine-tune campaigns for certain occasions such as Christmas, birthdays or weddings. Don’t hesitate to contact our team if you would like some more help.

Fundwith.me is made by a team of designers and developers in Stockholm. We saw the need for an independent tool in the world of fundraising that puts people first. Let us know what you think: support@fundwith.me