The Right to Rise Campaign

with Anna for Project Playground South Africa

The Right to Rise Campaign

with Anna for Project Playground South Africa

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Nicole Banister, Sofia strand , Olivia Venter and 64 other people donated to this fundraiser
Currently raised:

R 53693

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100 days left.
The coronavirus outbreak is first and foremost a human tragedy, affecting millions of people with a devastating impact on the global economy. The outbreak is moving quickly, and some of the perspectives in this article may fall rapidly out of date but what we do know is that the effects of it will be far reaching and have long-term and severe implications on our world as a whole.

Here in South Africa, we are adhering to a 5 week lock down. This extended national lock down has postponed South Africa's worst-case COVID-19 scenario to September, a government projection shows. It has bought our government more time to prepare. At Project Playground, we are also preparing. The impact that Coronavirus (COVID-19) will have on vulnerable communities is likely to be absolutely devastating. The high rates of HIV, TB and malnutrition mean that the fatality rate is likely to be much higher than has been reported in other countries. Transmission rate is also likely to be gravely concerning with the cramped living spaces and challenges in maintaining acceptable levels of hygiene.

Project Playground is an after care centre in the townships of Langa & Gugulethu (Cape Town, South Africa). We very proudly celebrate our 10th anniversary in September 2020 and have grown by over 1200% in participant numbers since we opened our doors. Today we support 800 children and their families. We are so immensely proud of the work we do, the children and their families whose lives we continue to impact and the amazing role models that we are creating in these communities through the staff that we employ.

Project Playground needs your help. We are thinking ahead.

Our children, when they do return post lock down, will have been affected by many negative factors. The truth is, the aftermath of this lock down, and after the curve has flattened is when people are going to really feel the consequences. Right now, and beautifully so, countries come together and pledge non-perishables to local NPO's to feed families for a week or two, but this will soon dry up. Project Playground will then commence its most challenging job: to care for any children who have been orphaned as a direct consequence of their elderly guardian dying from the virus, the families facing dire poverty as the bread winner has lost their job, children are behind in their school work as they have not had access to online learning platforms, children being traumatised by a harrowing increase in domestic violence and sexual abuse in the home, and so much more.

Sipokazi is one of the children in our disability unit. She will feel these negative effects even more. Project Playground and our Play on Wheels division is her daily haven where we care for her hygiene, nutrition, safety and ensure that she receives the necessary therapy and care to grow and develop to the very best of her ability. If nothing else stays with you, her story will.
Please help us at Project Playground to continue our work and to adapt and drive ahead in the face of the new and unpredictable challenges that we face.

Pledge a donation and contribute to re-building the lives of the most vulnerable. It takes a village to raise a child. Never before have these words meant more.
Project Playground South Africa
Project Playground is a NPO working towards sustainable change on a local level by providing vulnerable children and youth with a meaningful spare time.
Nicole Banister donated R 500
Sofia strand donated € 1000
Olivia Venter donated R 500
To help those that have it the hardest.
Fredrik Benedict Nybladh donated 2000 kr
Because you’re making the planet a little better place to live in ❤️
Ivy and Ella Abraham De Vos donated £ 100
With deep love and gratitude x
Stacy Kratz donated $ 100
Social Work + Sport = power! Keep up the GREAT work
Leah donated R 200
Bailey donated $ 33
God bless you all & these people we are serving!! I am SO grateful for humans like you all that are willing to make a difference & support others
Alexsandra Knutson donated $ 20
Jennifer Crafford donated $ 100
I love and miss your PPG. Stay safe praying for you!
Lena-Marie Grelsson donated 1000 kr
Keep up the good work! ❤️
Ant Moore donated R 1000
Great work Les & Frida. Such an inspiration to us all x
Caroline Zaffino donated $ 25
Kate Bryan donated R 200
Kate Bryan donated R 200
Chelbi Graham donated $ 50
PPG welcomed me with open arms during the summer of 2018 when I traveled there from the stares to be somewhat of a global ambassador and they helped me far more than I helped them. This is family.
Yolande donated R 500
Gaysha Lawrence donated $ 100
For your hardwork Nyameka and all those who care for the children of PPA
Liana donated R 1500
Lianne donated R 200
Dawn Garisch donated R 1000
Thank you for the valuable contribution you are making.
Chris Maurice Hope donated R 1500
Chelsea Verhasselt donated $ 250
Thanks for all you work Anna!!
Insamlingsstiftelsen till minne av Gustav Whitefield donated R 10000
Thank you for all you do! Strength and lots of love to you all! And extra big hugs to Gustav's friends at Play on Wheels :)
Madeline Hobbs donated $ 20
Desirée Boijsen donated 1500 kr
My husband Sebastian and I truly admire the energy and dedication that each and everyone working at Project Playground continuously put into their work. Keep on your fantastic work. We wish you all the best throughout these difficult times.
Josefin Häggström donated 200 kr
Stacy Kratz donated R 3000
I believe in you and I see you. #socialworkstrong #sportsocialwork
Mikael Engdahl donated R 2500
Keep up the great work! More important than ever!
Catherine Bothner donated R 500
Keep up the amazing works Frida and team xxx
Charlotte donated R 250
Carnita Hendricks donated R 3000
Thank you PP for your love, care and hard work.
Susanne Sifvert donated R 1000
Thank you for doing this amazing work for humanity??❤️???
Marie Björk donated 200 kr
I have seen Your fantastic work!
Hanna Mårtensson donated R 800
Cecilia Gronwall donated R 500
Saidah Nash Carter donated R 1000
Thank you for your service and for helping those who are most vulnerable.
Vina Patel donated R 500
Anine donated R 300
As a social work student, it excites me greatly to see how you are serving the community in this difficult time. Thank you for all you do! Keep being Jesus' hands and feet!
Susan Visser donated R 500
The Ottati Family donated $ 25
Francheska Subban donated R 500
Stronger together. Thank you for being our hands & feet. ❤
Habiba Khan donated R 300
Kyle Pillai donated R 100
Every bit counts! #strongertogether
Karin Hoole donated R 100
Kerstin Akerstedt donated R 5000
Impressed by your readiness to assist the local communities!
Pascale Manton donated R 200
Gaysha Lawrence donated $ 100
Iris donated R 200
Hanna Frida Elisabeth Vesterberg donated 100 kr
Karina Andersson donated 2000 kr
Kelsey Witkay donated $ 15
Kerryann Collier donated R 200
Awesome initiative. I challenge all teachers to help with a small donation.
Lisa soudah donated 500 kr
Jessica FEATHERSTONE donated R 800
Malin Håkansson donated 200 kr
Stay safe!
Lena Thiede donated R 1000
Dale Chase donated $ 50
Project Playground once again demonstrates its great work.
Rebecca Tjäder donated 100 kr
We have to stay strong and help each other, always
Torunn Jackson donated R 500
Siobhan Dawson donated R 1000
Incredible NGO. Thank you for all you do for these vulnerable people
Andrea Westphal donated 100 kr
Bridget Drinka donated $ 500
You are doing such great work! Thanks for being there for those who need you!
Oda tungodden donated R 200
Laura Fagerlund donated € 5
Miriam A. H. Pedersen donated R 750
Stina Amnebjer donated 1500 kr
Thank you for being heroes during these testing times! Lots of love from Sweden

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