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Why you should use Fund With Me as a fundrasing tool

Why Choose Fund With Me? When we started to think about developing our collection tool, we of course started to look at what alternatives exist and what the organizations and donors are using today. We quickly discovered that there are some players in the market who are competing for both the interest of the organizations and, of course, for the donors. What struck us first and which we were very surprised at was how expensive it is to collect money, which ultimately results in less money going to the actual purpose. Fund With Me offers you both as an organization and as a donor to start fundraising in a cheap, modern and secure way. With us, you, as an organization and a private person, can start collections which you then spread via social media, sms, messenger or via newsletters. Your friends and followers can then donate money in a modern, fast and secure way. In our payment solution, the giver can choose between using his credit card or using Swish. All money goes directly as an organization, ie into your account, without landing with us or any other intermediary. Fund With Me charges a small fee on all transactions to cover the cost of the service.  You can find more about our pricing in the menu under “how it works”. Welcome to use a more friendly collection tool. Welcome to Fund With Me.

Varför ska du välja Fund With Me?

När vi började fundera kring att ta fram vårt verktyg för insamling började vi givetvis kolla oss omkring vad det fanns för alternativ och vad organisationerna och givarna använder sig av idag. 

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